The Fast

The Fast Trailer

Writer/Director/Producer: Doreen Manuel
Director of Photography: Micheal Auger
Camera Operators:
Micheal Auger
Petie Chalifoux
Location Sound: Petie Chalifoux & Claudia Manuel
Sound Design: Jeremy Therrien
Editor: Doreen Manuel & Claudia Manuel
Music: Jason Burnstick

Short Synopsis:
The Fast, is an account of Doreen Manuel’s spiritual journey in the Rocky Mountains during a 4-day First Nation’s no food or water fasting ceremony.

Long Synopsis:
The Fast (23:28), follows Doreen Manuel into the Rocky Mountains for a 4-day no food or water fasting ceremony in search of storyteller power.

Doreen has worked for over 20-years to develop the story about her father George Manuel, an Indigenous leader whose leadership and vision could inspire this generation to take Indigenous people into the Fourth World. The stakes are high, the story needs to be told, but Doreen is stuck and unable to tell the story. Listening to the voices of her ancestors, Doreen is guided to the same sacred site where her father participated in ceremony, so that she may start at the beginning.

Out of this journey, she discovers the answer is simple but the path is difficult and she lays the spiritual groundwork for her next journey as a filmmaker.

Doreen Manual

Doreen Manuel

Doreen is the sixth child of Grand Chief Dr. George Manuel and Marceline Manuel. Doreen is a graduate of the Aboriginal Film and Television Diploma Program (AFTP) at Capilano University. She has an extensive background working in First Nations education and community development in both rural and urban centers. Doreen comes from a long line of oral historians and factual storytellers from her First Nations traditional background. She has experience directing for television and as the Canadian Correspondent for the Native Heartbeat and Northwest Indian News both USA Native American TV news magazine programs; she is the owner operator of Running Wolf Productions; and the Program Coordinator for the Indigenous Independent Digital Filmmaking program at Capilano University. She is the recipient of the Governor General of Canada Medal Award for academic excellence for her studies in AFTP; and Women in Film & Television, Leadership in Education Award.

The Fast 2015

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