Freedom Babies



Writer/Director/Producer Doreen Manuel
Editors - Doreen Manuel, Claudia Manuel, Alex Marriott
Sound Design - Jeremy Therrien
Stock Footage - Skwelkwek'welt Protection Centre
Land Defenders - Kanahus, Arthur Manuel, Geateberi


This documentary follows Kanahus over the course of a year as she raises her babies decolonized and free from the restrictions of the Canadian government. Kanahus and her father, Arthur Manuel, reminisce about the plight they have faced against the Canadian government in their effort to fight against colonization by encouraging Indigenous people to live free. She leads by example by living traditionally according to her First Nations culture, living off the land and in an underground earth pit house. Kanahus and Guateberi raise their four children in a warrior school that teaches the traditional values of respect for the land and taking care of the people. Kanahus, defies the laws that oppress and colonize her people by not registering her four children with the Canadian government. She's been imprisoned and beaten, the police have broken into and ransacked her home without a search warrant, but she is as determined as the day she began this journey thirteen years ago. She educates her children decolonized as Freedom Babies.

Doreen Manuel

Doreen Manuel

Doreen is the sixth child of Grand Chief Dr. George Manuel and Marceline Manuel. Doreen is a graduate of the Aboriginal Film and Television Diploma Program (AFTP) at Capilano University. She has an extensive background working in First Nations education and community development in both rural and urban centers. Doreen comes from a long line of oral historians and factual storytellers from her First Nations traditional background. She has experience directing for television and as the Canadian Correspondent for the Native Heartbeat and Northwest Indian News both USA Native American TV news magazine programs; she is the owner operator of Running Wolf Productions; and the Program Coordinator for the Indigenous Independent Digital Filmmaking program at Capilano University. She is the recipient of the Governor General of Canada Medal Award for academic excellence for her studies in AFTP; and Women in Film & Television, Leadership in Education Award.


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