Unceded Chiefs (1:05:00) 
Unceded Chiefs
 traces the historic early activism of BC First Nations Leaders who in the late 1960’s unified in a battle against the Canadian government to reject Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s proposed 1969 White Paper Policy. Director Doreen Manuel skilfully weaves a story of resilience and determination through interviews and archival audio with the people who lived the battle and the children of the Chiefs who had dedicated their lives to the leadership and survival of their Aboriginal title and rights.


The Fast (22:28)
The Fast, is an account of Doreen Manuel’s spiritual journey in the Rocky Mountains during a 4-day First Nation’s no food or water fasting ceremony.



Freedom Babies (19:46)
A First Nations woman defies the laws that oppress and colonize her people by not registering her children with the government, living off the land and raising her children in a traditional earth pit house.



Lucky Spirits
Lucky Spirits, is a sweet traditional Ktunuxa parable about creating good luck out of the relationship that you have with the spirits. Director Doreen Manuel (Ktunuxa/Secwepemc), tells a Ktunuxa story told to her throughout her childhood by her mother.

Lucky Spirits Credits

RCMP – Anti Gang video
2 community driven RCMP Anti Gang 30 second music public service announcement videos.

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A video poem about historical trauma and genocide of Indigenous people in Canada

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Researcher/ News Reporter
Northwest Indian News

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