The Fast (22:28)
The Fast, is an account of Doreen Manuel’s spiritual journey in the Rocky Mountains during a 4-day First Nation’s no food or water fasting ceremony.

Freedom Babies (19:46)
A First Nations woman defies the laws that oppress and colonize her people by not registering her children with the government, living off the land and raising her children in a traditional earth pit house.

Lucky Spirits
Lucky Spirits, is a sweet traditional Ktunuxa parable about creating good luck out of the relationship that you have with the spirits. Director Doreen Manuel (Ktunuxa/Secwepemc), tells a Ktunuxa story told to her throughout her childhood by her mother.

Lucky Spirits Credits

RCMP – Anti Gang video
2 community driven RCMP Anti Gang 30 second music public service announcement videos.

USMA Child and Family Service 5 minute video and 4 30 second public service announcements.

Native Education Centre Elders – Wisdom of an Elder Series – Phil L’Hirondelle, Gloria Miguel, Michelle Pierre, Wes Nahanee

Inside the IDF Studio – 12 APTN short narrative stories for IIDF

2010, 2011, & 2012 Dreamcatcher Shuswap

2010 Campfires – A Circle of Community

IIDF PSA, Indigenous Independent Digital Filmmaking program

An Elder’s Memoirs,
Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre

A Child’s Roots are Forever,
Ministry of Children & Family Development

Roots Voices of Experience “Ministry of Children & Family Development”

“Bringing Back Our Children” PSA & Recruitment video
Northern Aboriginal Authority for Families

“Building Futures Today”
Promotional Video ACCESS

“Bringing Families Closer to Home”
PSA & Video Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Centre Society

A video poem about historical trauma and genocide of Indigenous people in Canada

Assistant Studio Director
First Talk – season two
host Tamara Bull

Aboriginal Foster Parent PSA & recruitment video
Vancouver Aboriginal Child & Family Services Society

Production Assistant
In Sacred Ways We Build – sustainable housing video
Omni Films

Videography Producer Trainee
Lynching of Louie Sam, Wild Zone Films feature documentary
“A young boy’s murder in 1884 reverberates through a First Nations community in 2004”

Giving Voice to Wellness, living with AIDS social development video
Healing Our Spirit

From the Heart, Documentary-Drama
Running Wolf Productions

George Manuel CD Speech Collection

Walking With Our Children, foster parent recruitment video & PSA
Federation of Aboriginal Foster Parents

Episodic Director
Creative Native – Season 3,
Tamara Bell

Camera, Sound & Editor
Missing Lives
Helping Spirit Lodge

SOS Children’s Village, project promotion video
Hoetergraphics Productions – Eileen Hoeter

Executive Producer
Every Warrior’s Song, Theatrical Production
Storyteller Theater

Researcher/ News Reporter
Northwest Indian News

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